Thoughts & ideas along the way

Leap of faith

(Confidence in your abilities=having faith) As someone who photographs… I shouldn’t really have the need to speak. Just taking the picture should be enough. But then there was this mid-February, winters day afternoon… clear sky, sun sharp, deep contrasts. Sitting in this café and doing as so often is the case… taking stock of the creative process, or lack thereof….

Activity of age

(More philosophy of photography and other disjointed notes) East – west. the chewing of age and time. countless repetitions, gnawing burn into gut of yet more age and dreams. Such the feel of ice January winds in the face. Shoulders hunched and body leaning forward going into business, poising the brush, focusing the lens, raising the eye-brow, licking the lips……

Your Mission

Your mission… should you decide to accept it. The contradiction for me here is the fact that in order capture this creative process one has to be very much in the present and not pressured or overwhelmed by a goal.. or a mission. This depends largely on the kind of photos you are hunting for of course. If you just…

What do you want to say?

After two years of walking the streets with camera in hand, looking for that ultimate street shot, I am beginning to ask myself what it really is I am trying to say or attempting to express. Motivation is an important factor in turning up to uncover that creative gem. That twist of impression. That alternative concept. There has to be…

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