Activity of age

(More philosophy of photography and other disjointed notes)

East – west. the chewing of age and time. countless repetitions, gnawing burn into gut of yet more age and dreams. Such the feel of ice January winds in the face. Shoulders hunched and body leaning forward going into business, poising the brush, focusing the lens, raising the eye-brow, licking the lips…

I wonder here… am I creatively challenged at this turning point age 60? Molded, formed, crystalized and content… what is there left to create anyway? Are there any new ways left to express? Has growth gone into hibernation in this bastard winter dark and heavy? Feet up with that good book and cup of mulled wine. So, this is what it’s like to be confronted with one’s limitations? With one’s mortality. The edge of the world has been discovered and from now on it’s just the falling off that becomes the point.
Much better just to focus on staying afloat in this choppy sea of change and calamity?

So, this should be an easy choice… or

Or is it time to ponder outside of this scenario? Rise out of the present trends of political concern and doomsday forecasting. Make the biggest difference by being totally present in universal creativity. Here we go…
Is it not the function of the work, the art, to bring things together…? through the asking of all these questions. Seeing through the fog, the fragmentation of thoughts, relationships, influences, pressures and obligations.

So, could be now is the time…

to create your own context. while eyeing the myriad of other contexts through that viewfinder. Or even more… look beyond all contexts. Such could the ultimate freedom of art be… not just another eye of the photographer… and so on.

When the photo is taken… it is suddenly beyond time, beyond space…. forever.
Let us focus on that spot and what that could mean… out on the street… the canvas… groping for some form of inspiration or idea.
And get this by getting out there…

Notes on the theme
Be active and stay active, be disciplined, there are no shortcuts, see it as a call, “no fussy activity of the surface intelligence”, “love cannot be lazy” (Cloud of unknowing)

So now you find yourself on the street… and lo and behold… it is there… the picture.

It is sudden. No time for research… no preparation. Just light, colour, situation, person, background, focus… and total disregard for what others think of your presence. All things fall into place. There is an understanding. An acknowledgment. An energy… a fruition of restless curiosity. Age is gone.

You are free.

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